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25 Nov

MEF support for the Output Window in Visual Studio 2010

As some people have noticed, the Visual Studio 2010 SDK doesn’t have great support for the Output Window from MEF extensions. This post aims to change that. Like several other components I’m writing about, I hope to provide this one in a “general extensibility helper” that could be installed separately from extensions that use it […]

25 Nov

A general brace matching tagger for Visual Studio 2010

I haven’t perfected it yet, but here is a fairly general brace matching tagger that seems to work very well. It relies on the classifier for the content type properly tagging comments and literals with classification types derived from PredefinedClassificationTypeNames.Comment and PredefinedClassificationTypeNames.Literal, which any decent classifier will do. This example really shows a big improvement […]

25 Nov

Tool tips for squiggles and URLs in Visual Studio 2010

I’ve been experimenting with Visual Studio’s new extensibility model, and ran into a problem with squiggles. It seems that despite having an internal IQuickInfoSource for the SquiggleTag and IUrlTag, it’s not hooked up to a IIntellisenseController so it never appears. Here is a general implementation for an SquiggleQuickInfoIntellisenseController and UrlQuickInfoIntellisenseController that will provide QuickInfo for […]

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